Fernando-Torres-Fight-of-FaithNow, training for a contest is just like a boxer. His--his enemy that he's going to meet out there in a contest to fight, a real good fighter usually knows and studies his opponents, studies his licks, knows where he fights for, whether he leans forward, hangs back, fights right-handed or left-handed. He studies all this. And then if he's a good, smart fighter, he gets him a sparring partner that'll fight just like his opponent fights, for he'll know all of his licks when he gets to that place.

And I think that's a very good thing for Christians to do. That's right. And now if you want to start training, start with John 3:16, the Golden Rule. Start right out with that, and that'll get you on the floor. And then train for the--for the knockout punches, because you're going to have to use them. Everybody knows that. You have to train to hit your enemy. And always, God uses His Word. We must remember that God uses His Word to defeat His enemy. If God could think or could've give His people anything better to defeat the enemy with, He would've done it. So as I've always said, "When God makes a decision, that's the best that there is. He never has to alter His decisions." So the first decision God gave His people in the garden of Eden to combat the enemy, was His Word. They were fortified with His Word.

And now, the enemy is going to study the--our a-strategy with the Word. And now, Satan studied that all out so perfectly, till when he come to Eve, he had the--the best a-strategy he could use upon her, and that was to reason with the Word. Now, you never want to reason with God's Word. Just believe It. Don't try to explain It. Don't try to figure It out. Now, you cannot figure out God, so God is the Word, and It's just made to believe. And that's our Strength, just accept the Word. And anyone knows that a seed in the right kind of ground will produce its kind. And we just take the Word.

The Contest - December 31, 1962 William Marrion Branham